Wedluxe Feature

On Monday I got a long awaited text from Maggy over at Oh So Chic Celebrations that our Style File was featured on the Wedluxe blog! Go check it out here!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to the incredible team behind that shoot, because it wouldn’t have been the success that it was without the following incredible people:

Obviously Maggy from Oh So Chic, who brought the vendors together for this one, and Katie Harrison from A Cup of KTea who also helped with vendors, and assisted me on the day with keeping everyone on track!

Justine McKnight from Juxt13 did an awesome job with the make up while her partner Alexandra Jaques worked her magic with the girls’ hair.

Connie Dos Santos of Connie Cupcake blew all our minds with the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and treats, this shoot wouldn’t have been the success it was if not for her incredible talent!

The dresses were provided by Pearl Bridal House, and the jewelry by Passion for Jewelry. Headbands came from Quirky Beauty.

The invitations added the perfect touch and were created by The Little Letter Papery.

For a full list of vendors involved check out the bottom of the feature on the Wedluxe page.

Here are some of my favourites from this shoot, now that I can finally share them!!

This came at a perfect time of year, when people are starting to think about wedding photography if they’re getting married in 2012. So far I’m only about 25% booked for the year, so if you’d be interested in having me cover your big day, check out my rates page to get an idea of the kind of investment you’d be looking at. If you get in touch with me we can work out a custom package tailored to your specific needs. Email me at and we’ll set something up! Right now I’m also offering a complimentary engagement shoot session for couples interested in booking their wedding with me.

Here are some shots from previous weddings that I’ve had the privilege of shooting recently:

Ok now get off your computer and go enjoy this phenomenal weather!!


This is gonna be awesome!!!

Low Key Studio & Gallery

YES! It’s the moment so many of you have been waiting for…The Instagram Gallery Show at Low Key Studio & Gallery!!!

This is YOUR time to shine! To share your perspective! To see YOUR PHOTOS in a Gallery Show!

On April 28th at 7:00pm, Low Key Studio will open its doors to the public to mingle and look at your work!


DJ Adverb (who has worked with Koushik, Classified, Rich Kidd, Smash Brovas, Muneshine and many more) on the decks and the iPhoneography of you and your peers on the gallery walls. Cash bar and free refreshments (including yummy squares – everything’s gotta be in square format!). It’s going to be another epic Low Key party, so even if you don’t plan to submit photos, you’re not going to want to miss it! There will be awesome prizes for great submissions, and the photos will be available for…

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CBMK with Phil & Z Roy

It was through skateboarding that I first got into still photography, so I was stoked when I got a call from Phil asking if I wanted to go shoot with him at CBMK last week. Z Roy came along as well and we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves for the night. I haven’t been to this park in about 4 years, but not much has changed, and it’s still one of my favourite winter spots in the GTA.

Phil McKnight with a large Ollie to Fakie

Z Roy with an Ollie from the Upper Flat into the Mini-Half

Z Roy with...I guess a Nosegrind up, 5-0 down?

Phil with a lofty switch kickflip

B-Roll Weapon of Choice...$5 from an antique store and it has a hot shoe!

Z Roy again, with the 50mm instead of the 15mm

My favourite photo from the night, cropped square so it's Instagram-ready 😉

I also decided to warm up the motor drive and try out a couple sequences. Z Roy’s finished up a bit sketchy, as every other attempt I’d had to duck under his board flying out of the mini-half…so I was a little uneasy…but I assure you it was a land.

You already know.

Sometimes 1 frame just isn't enough.

...or one angle...

It felt really good to get back to my roots and shoot some quality skateboarding with old friends, I’m really looking forward to skating street in the coming months!

Ghetto Fabulous

So stoked to be sharing this with the world! We just released Johnny Major‘s first Music Video for Ghetto Fabulous, off their debut album “This Is The Sound”. I had the pleasure of Directing this video, and could not have done it without the extremely talented camera operator and editor, Chris Wardle. Anna Cyzon is also featured in this song and video which was shot in entirety in Hamilton, Ontario. Take a look and spread the love!

Steel Gold Jan 2012

I finally got a chance to make it out to a Steel Gold show over at the Casbah Lounge on Friday. I love the intimacy of the Casbah for a venue.

The main event of this month’s Steel Gold was an insane DJ Battle, I’ve never witnessed live DJ stunts like this before, so it was hard not to put the camera down and just enjoy the show!

In the end it came down to a heated battle between DJ Rix & !Kryme Won. There was just so much going on I didn’t think one photo would do these guys justice!

!Kryme Won Holding it Down

See if you can spot my logo in that one! 😉

DJ Rix for the Win, let's go

To me it was all good, but in the end the judges handed the win to DJ Rix. I’m definitely looking forward to the next Steel Gold event! In the mean time, if you’re looking for something to do after Art Crawl this Friday the 13th, why not head over to Low Key Studio where we’re having a FREE SHOW and VIDEO RELEASE PARTY for Johnny Major! More details

Hamilton Time Lapse Test Shots

I’m working on a little Time Lapse Video to showcase the beautiful city I live and work in to the rest of the world. My goal is for outsiders to see this city the way we (optimistic!) Hamiltonians see it!

These are some of the test shots I did when I was first ironing out the kinks with my super ghetto, self-designed, home-made time-lapse dolly rig…When I say ghetto, I mean I have to move it by hand, 1/8th of an inch at a time, 500 times per shot…in the freezing cold! But I love this city, so it’s worth it!

Please excuse the shakiness…again, these were just the test shots. The final video, which will drop sometime towards the end of January, will be flawlessly spectacular!

I’ll be shooting up until mid-January, so if you know of any cool locations to set up for a time lapse, please email me at and I’ll make sure you get credited for the location in the final video if it’s used! If anyone knows of any ways to get funding through sponsorship or something, let me know! It would be awesome to have proper equipment, but if not…I’m perfectly fine to do this by hand, 1/8th of an inch at a time!

Please, enjoy (and share!) the video!

Christoph Benfey

Low Key Studio

Cooking with Chef Bradley Yip

I was hanging out with Chef Bradley Yip over the weekend. Bradley is the Managing Chef at Seven, which is the fine restaurant inside the McMichael Gallery. I shooting some new menu items for them and I had my 7D with me so we decided on a whim to shoot a quick little segment for one of the salad’s Bradley had been playing around with.

I didn’t have any sound gear or video equipment with me other than the 7D itself, but the video ended up getting picked up for Litro Magazine over in the UK! Here’s the result, and let me tell you, it tastes better than it looks! Enjoy!