An Experiment in Pin Up

For a few years now I’ve wanted to take a stab at shooting a Pin-Up themed session. After Justine and I met Nicky on the Wedluxe shoot a couple months ago, we had a feeling that she would make a good model for this. Justine did a bit of a background on her inspiration for the make up on this shoot over on her blog, and Alex Jaques did an incredible job with the hair! Katie Harrison styled the shoot and did a great job finding awesome props considering the budget was around $50! Also have to hand some major credit to Nicky, as we came to realize that some of the common pin-up poses are pretty tough to hold for long enough to get a great shot!

Have a look at some of the results!

If you think walking in heels is a mission, try dialing with them.

Waiting for the Milk Man.

Why would anyone ever sit like this?


This was my favourite shot of the night. I don't know why.

This is the operator, how can I connect your call?


Big thank you to the whole team for making it such a success!

Studio – Low Key Studio –

MUA – Justine McKnight –

Hair – Alex Jaques

Styling & Set Design – Katie Harrison –

Photography – Christoph Benfey –


Hamilton Time Lapse Test Shots

I’m working on a little Time Lapse Video to showcase the beautiful city I live and work in to the rest of the world. My goal is for outsiders to see this city the way we (optimistic!) Hamiltonians see it!

These are some of the test shots I did when I was first ironing out the kinks with my super ghetto, self-designed, home-made time-lapse dolly rig…When I say ghetto, I mean I have to move it by hand, 1/8th of an inch at a time, 500 times per shot…in the freezing cold! But I love this city, so it’s worth it!

Please excuse the shakiness…again, these were just the test shots. The final video, which will drop sometime towards the end of January, will be flawlessly spectacular!

I’ll be shooting up until mid-January, so if you know of any cool locations to set up for a time lapse, please email me at and I’ll make sure you get credited for the location in the final video if it’s used! If anyone knows of any ways to get funding through sponsorship or something, let me know! It would be awesome to have proper equipment, but if not…I’m perfectly fine to do this by hand, 1/8th of an inch at a time!

Please, enjoy (and share!) the video!

Christoph Benfey

Low Key Studio

Party Time!

I’ve finally gotten enough ducks in order to officially announce the Grand Opening party for my Photography Studio in Hamilton! Low Key Studio & Gallery will be holding a massive party to celebrate it’s Launch into the community on November 26th at the Studio. DJ Adverb will be spinning and Sanjay Patel will be doing his Live Painting thing. There will probably be a lot more going on as well, I will update everyone as other leads develop further.

If you’re interested in having your work showcased in the gallery on the night of the party, shoot me an email at and we’ll set something up.

I hope to see many of you at the Launch party, you can register for the guestlist on Facebook by clicking HERE, it’s helpful for me, but not mandatory.


I’d like to apologize to the millions of people that are probably checking back here on an hourly basis hoping for updates! I’ve been terribly busy over the past month working on several exciting projects, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks!

One of said projects is a photography studio and gallery that my girlfriend and I are opening in Hamilton. It’s currently in a state of construction, but the Grand Opening Launch Party is set for Nov 26th. Check for frequent updates and information on the studio and launch party. If you’re an artist and would be interested in showcasing your work in the gallery at or after the party you can contact me through the Low Key Studio site.

I’m also avidly updating my Instagram stream on a regular basis. Follow me if you’re on Instagram, I’m @duaflex .

Now back to working on the album cover for the upcoming release of Johnny Major‘s LP, This Is The Sound. I’m excited to have my work as the cover art!