Ambush Apparel BTS Video – SS12 Collection

I’m always anxious to see the final edit when I work on a project with Chris Wardle and this shoot for the SS12 Collection for Ambush Apparel was no exception. Check the video out below, and click here to check out Ambush Apparel.


Cooking with Chef Bradley Yip

I was hanging out with Chef Bradley Yip over the weekend. Bradley is the Managing Chef at Seven, which is the fine restaurant inside the McMichael Gallery. I shooting some new menu items for them and I had my 7D with me so we decided on a whim to shoot a quick little segment for one of the salad’s Bradley had been playing around with.

I didn’t have any sound gear or video equipment with me other than the 7D itself, but the video ended up getting picked up for Litro Magazine over in the UK! Here’s the result, and let me tell you, it tastes better than it looks! Enjoy!